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The Vision


Hidden in our daily rhythms are moments of meaning.  In the smile of a stranger, a breathtaking view.  In the rush of exercise or the comfort of your bed.  Moments that invite exploration and can lead to a deeper experience of meaning.

By using contemplation, engaging the mind and heart, you can go beyond mindfulness to meaning enabling you to survive life’s challenges and thrive in the everyday.

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The App


Available for free, Meaningful App offers beautiful guided audio contemplations that explore the themes of: 
Peace, Life, Beauty, Comfort, Certainty, Belonging, Hope, Story, Freedom, Success, Gratitude, Wisdom, Rightness, Enjoyment, Fulfilment, Greatness, Healing, Love, Renewal, Creativity and Destiny.

If you are searching for meaning then embark on a new and exciting ‘JOURNEY’ with the app

and if you’re more comfortable with contemplation you can explore more content as a ‘PILGRIM’.  Both packages allow the user to explore and experience meaning and God at their own pace.

Meaningful site.png