Mini Retreats


Summer mini-retreats to be announced for Summer…
@Wick Farm BA2 7NQ £45

Spend a morning mindfully exploring meaningful themes like Renewal or Fullness with Olivia’s meditation session and Kay’s Yoga-pilates mix session as you set out in 2019. Taking place at the gorgeous Wick Farm Barn with fabulous cakes, snacks, herbal teas and Nespresso coffees and of course a goodie bag, you’ll the mini-retreats will leave you refreshed, revitalised and restored! 

Reflective meditation Course

Courses under way. Summer ones to be announced soon…

Ever feel that your life is stressful? Or that you’re skimming the surface of what life really has to offer? Want to experience more meaning in your life? If only you could take a step back and take stock…

This reflective meditation course offers you exactly this opportunity, giving you strength for the stressful times and a deeper and richer experience of life.

The sessions will explore themes such as peace, vitality, gratitude, freedom, love, creativity and destiny through reflection and guided meditations drawing on different traditions. You’ll engage your mind, imagination and soul to experience meaning and find strength.

7 weeks Courses.

“The skilful presentation of ancient teachings was so accessible” - Renee

“The Course was brilliant” - Sarah