In the run up to 2019 I thought about my goals, then modulated to intentions (which are easier to govern) and this coupled with the word ‘reap’ has brought me into the current space of ‘receive’ I thought of the universal principle of sowing and reaping, asking myself where I was sowing. But the concept of reaping niggled my mind more. Perhaps it was because I was tired and the concept of more self-giving seemed overwhelming, but I found myself thinking - do I really need to give more? (In some ways yes, there is always more to give) but what about that which is already given?

In my engagement with the contemplative tradition which has become more poignant in recent years, I’m aware of the non-Western approach to life. It is counter cultural to many of us (to me at least) but its to do with knowing and enjoying simply what ‘is’. I mean this incredible, beautiful, (and yes crazy and upsetting) world is available to us the whole time and yet we (or I) can walk straight on by and not notice or enjoy it. This world, this life, IS a gift.

Gifts are meant to be received. Much has been sown (given, created, evolved etc etc) that is to be reaped. That is to be received. So this is my intention this year, to reap the treasures hidden in a life given to me. I hope you can too. (A quick tip - if you want to receive more of the gift of life - practise gratitude!)

Olivia ShoneComment