Double slit experiment

The Double Slit Experiment

What you believe about something affects outcomes. A central tenet of quantum physics is how matter behaves.  In 1801 Thomas Young conducted an experiment with light rays to see if they behaved as waves or as particles that is now dubbed the Double Slit Experiment. 

In this experiment, light or any atoms, behave in unexpected waves.  When passing light rays or atoms through a single slit they will initially behave as particles, yet when a second slit was added they will behave as waves.  What is particularly fascinating to me is the further experiments done under close observation.

What they show is that the observer, a real person controlling the experiment, can collapse the wave function in the double slit experiement merely by observing.  Matter behaves differently depending on whether or not it is observed! This has baffled the scientific world where the quantum world behaves in extraordinary ways. 

But this idea is not so extraordinary in popular psychology which teaches that our attitude affects our life, whether it be positive or negative.

This is what mysticism has taught for centuries, that it is by faith in God’s reality that His reality becomes real for us.

The quantum conundrum is not just an interesting anecdote to illustrate a spiritual truth, but rather the truth ‘belief affects outcomes’ is sewn into the fabric of God’s universe at levels of spirituality and science alike!



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