Moments I

The suns been out in the UK.  People have been out and about and in the same way my 'soul' has perhaps woken up a little more, recently.  Life has felt more visceral - there've been blessings and there have been some downers - but I've felt them more keenly (in fact I know the 'downers' make me feel life, its good and bad that much more keenly).

One moment was quite poignant...a few days ago driving along I had a 'mindful moment'.   A moment filled with the awareness of the multilayeredness of life.  Aware I was benefitting from the best Korean engineering could offer (yes a Kia!), years of blood, sweat and toil of individuals that perhaps sold their souls so I could be in a decent car, the stereo system conveying the rhythmic tones of a black singer made me aware of globalisation (who could have a few centuries ago), the sun warming my biological body, relaxing me, the wind coming through the window enhancing my sense of being alive, the thoughts I was having about my family (the result of my own personal years of blood sweat and toil)... so many different elements of life to engage in, in one particular moment.  

It lead me not just to an awareness of that moment but more to wonder that I could experience life biologically, mentally, spiritually, personally and the lives of others remotely in one moment.  Wow.  How incredible is life.  What a gift.  Stop to be aware right now of the different levels of engagement you have with life in this moment.  How many lives contributed to the environment that you're in, the facilities you might be enjoying (this website for a start), the way your senses are engaged...and this is one of myriad moments we are all experiencing all the time.  

Wonder, gratitude and if you know God then praise for this gift of life.

Olivia ShoneComment