I find the thought of judgement so refreshing…!

As I parent kids and teenagers, the older one at times really pushing the boundaries, to see if they are really there, it’s so tempting to let them collapse for the sake of an easy life, but ultimately life won’t be easy for them and for us as family.  But this blog is not about parenting stresses, rather my gratitude for judgement.  On reading these verses today from Psalms, ‘he comes to judge the earth.  He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in his truth’ I find myself so reassured by this.  As the oceans fill up with plastic, landfill with our excess, our cyberspace with dross and filth, my own mind with petty concerns how good it is to know that there is an Ultimate No to all that is wrong. 

There will come a day when the cascade of waste, clutter, inhumanity, immorality in life, my life and yours, in the world out there, in material and immaterial forms will be brought to an end.  For the good of all.  Judgement (right judgement) to a better end is so good.  We can of course enter into this restoring judgement even now and judge ourselves and our lives with God’s loving help, but when we hear about things in the world that panic, upset and horrify us, there will thankfully come a day when judgement shall end those things.

Olivia ShoneComment