Your life - as a meaningful journey

Have you embarked on a journey, a journey of meaning and depth that informs your life?  Or are you still waiting, wondering when and how you might start that journey?  Wondering what will trigger it, your resolve or gracious circumstances or something auspcious to set you on your way.  Maybe you are fearful about the journey, that it may lead nowhere or somewhere you might not want to go.  Will it demand more of you than you can give, will it confront you with your own shortcomings or even confront you with something that demands of you? 

This journey is essentially an inner journey and I suggest a journey of contemplation.  The contemplation of life, your life, all of life.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about undertaking this journey then be reassured that in fact you’re already on it.  The journey is undertaken within your own daily narrative and contemplation is the tool that unlocks the meaning of it.  I see it a little like our awareness in daytime or nightime.  There’s all that we see around us in the day and then we see the same environment completely differently at night.  The immediate surroundings merge in tone and shade and we become aware of a much wider expanse of sky and universe; a greater, deeper realm, one which is not readily available in our daytime living.  Experiencing star filled skies changes our perspective and even gives us a sense of peace or largesse.  So with the journey of meaning, you are already journeying through your own life, but by means of contemplation you can begin to see the meaning that lies within and beyond it.




Olivia ShoneComment