Seeking Beauty

Seeing beauty in everything is like putting a filter on your photos.

You can take an image and change the contrast, the saturation, the intensity, the shadows and so on until you have an image that satisfies.  An image that emphases a certain beauty that was always there, but now shines forth.  The canvas, the composition, the content hasn’t changed.  Its just how you see it that has changed.  

Our human psyche and soul is far more advanced than Photoshop and we too can choose the filter that we see life through.  We can actually change our ‘settings’ so that we can see things differently and see the beauty of a thing.  But how do we do this?  I have personally found that it comes from two main paradigm shifts that need to be exercised.  Firstly we need to be vulnerable to the moment.  Some people call this being present to the moment, but for myself it includes an element of vulnerability because a moment can hold pain and suffering and be something we’d rather not experience.  But as we stay in that moment, being vulnerable to it in all its pain and challenge we can find elements of ragged, unexpected beauty.  Secondly by being thankful.  As we seek out the good, the beautiful in our lives and offer thanks for them, we train ourselves to look for and see them, to put on the filter of beauty.  

Finding beauty anywhere, in anything, even in suffering is still a mystery to me, but this mystery is one that yields truth and beauty.

Tom OlyottComment