Ultimate being

Spirit is raw identity… that exists out of time and is everything you will ever be. In fact everything you are is so unique and complex that it is only fully expressed over the course of your entire life.

I was thinking about the given moment in time - all we have is the now as the mindfulness experts tell us. In the ‘now’ each one of us is all at once, a summation of everything that we’ve ever been and the promise of what we might yet become. The baby that we were in our mothers womb held the seed of all that we now are. Who I am right now, whatever my age, wherever I live, whatever is happening in and around me, the ‘I am’ that is present in this moment, is the seed, the promise of all that I can and might become over the course of my life.

A plant shows us this fact so visually. Any plant, or tree or flower was once in seminal form - embedded or attached to something that begot it - the seed then grows into a vegetative form, the flower, tree, plant - and in any moment holds within its biochemical form the potential for all it can become - a bigger tree, a flourishing plant, an abundance of flowers.

If this is how the plant world is, how a human life is I believe we can also find it, in perfect form in Ultimate Being. That Ultimate Being, God if you will, was and is summed up in one geographical, chronological and concrete moment - Christ. This Christ spoke and still speaks the promise of all that might yet be….. God in mankind, mankind in God.

Tom OlyottComment