Hope against the evidence

Isn’t there so much uncertainty, criticism and cynicism in Western society.  It’s the platform for pretty much all media commentary on the state of life, whether it be political, cultural, familial... whatever.

If we adopt this outlook to the detriment of other perspectives we will find that life looks very hopeless. Whilst I’m the first to question everything, I also know what it is to see life as hopeless, as does my husband with his impoverished health and limitations resulting from a still present brain tumour. It has taken me time living with the choice of hopelessness that can become all pervading to realise that there is actually a choice to be made regarding HOPE.

We can choose whether or not to HOPE. A choice to have hope in spite of ones own personal life whatever challenges one is faced with; finances, health, relationship breakdown. A choice to have HOPE in spite of those things we are unable to affect; our work, our families, our friends. A choice to have HOPE in spite of economic and political uncertainty in our country and even HOPE in the face of global threats and terrors.

Choosing to HOPE can feel very naïve and irresponsible and defies the cynical spirit we tend towards. 

However it is like a fertile soil for our souls where good things can grow.

Tom OlyottComment