Everything is saying something


Back in the summer of 2013 I suppose I can say I heard the voice of deeper meaning speak to me.

I think all of us can hear it if we attune ourselves.  As I was given some flowers including some dog roses with ugly thorny stems yet sweet smelling aroma I wondered if they held a deeper message of truth or wisdom, a bit like the ugly duckling metaphor. I sensed the Truth speaking back to me, saying, ‘everything says something about Me’. It was a spiritually catalytic and influential moment, where I turned from irregular, measured contemplation of certain things to a more unitive contemplation of everything. I’d suspected, as many of us do, that nature, music, art, literature, systems, structures, science – life in all its richness - held clues to deeper, ultimate truths. The journey of discovery since then has been like wearing glasses in a formerly hazy world. This recently discovered quote by the medieval mystic Meister Eckhart sums it up beautifully, for me.

If humankind could have known God without the world, God would never have created the world.
Tom OlyottComment