Architecture Inspires

There’s a wonderful entrance to the Bath University Sports Village, a training centre for Olympians as well as locals amateurs.  Every time I use it, usually to take my kids to a club I’m impacted by the architectural design of the entrance.  As you walk up to the entrance on the left there is ‘nature’, the grass, trees and shrubs, reminding you that you’re an animal creature whilst on the right there 'human excellence': the clean, shiny honed walls of the man made building reminding you of the toned physique you might possibly possess within your worn or forlorn outer frame.  Reminding you that you also, might by means of effort and exercise be able to take the matter of your physical matter and convert your natural body to something that demonstrates human excellence.  The roof above is lofty, supported by large metal frames that suggest to you physical strength and aspiration and all this is taken in as your gaze and walk are focused on a given point by converging lines of perspective that are above, below and beside you; you are ‘going somewhere’.  By the time you reach the entrance you no longer feel a harassed mother but someone with the potential to be a sporting legend! 

Our surroundings speak to us.

Olivia ShoneComment