Meaningful has grown out of the personal contemplation, study and life experience of the author.  Starting her search for meaning in her teenage years, Olivia engaged thoughtfully, logically and intuitively in this quest leading her to study Theology at Oxford. This was followed by a counselling diploma, teaching and marketing experience and then the birth of her 4 children all of which have given her a certain life experience.  However in 2012 the wind changed with her husband’s brain tumour and surgery rendering him virtually blind, without health, employment and a home.  Through meditation, reflection and imagination she found nourishment in this difficult time. From this experience Meaningful was birthed as an offering to others.

Currently studying for an MA in Christian Spirituality, she is fascinated by how ‘ancient paths’ can find new expressions in modern life - of which Meaningful is one. She would say that having a source of meaning outside of oneself is a vital part of surviving challenges and living fully in the everyday.

She believes that each of us has the capacity to discern meaning through an honest searching approach to life and as we search for greater meaning using mind and heart so we will find it and know our lives to ultimately be meaningful.